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Development of new products
The company know-how, developed in more than 20 years of activity, allows us to suggest the best technical design solutions for the piece aimed at optimizing galvanic processes. We accompany the customer from the design phase to the serial production phase.
    Design and realization of chrome frames
    Taking advantage of the experience and collaboration of market-leading partners, the chrome plating jigs are designed and manufactured taking into account all the technical and dimensional requirements of the customer. The jigs warehouse is managed by computer with the aid of bar-code traceability system.
      Packaging study
      Castelcrom can offer several packaging solutions, customized and designed in collaboration with its customers, such as thermoformed trays and trays in expanded polystyrene. Depending on the type of product ordered, the study takes into account the ease with which the parts can be taken, the optimization of logistic flows and the reduction of waste from handling.


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